The Art Of Wellbeing

 With Kari Hall

August 5th  10-4pm -$150

A one day workshop of intuitive art, creative expression, self discovery and relaxation. We will create intuitive art together which is a fun way of bypassing the mind and allows a deeper part of ourselves to be heard and expressed through colour and form. When we are still enough to listen to that voice within we can discover the beauty that is our own unique self…….and we can bring that beauty, peace and wellbeing into our daily lives. There is no need for artistic experience, just a curiosity to meet yourself more deeply and delight in what is created through you, by you. BOOK HERE

Self Empathy School Workshop Series

with Karen Thompson -Anderson

For entrepreneurs and friends who identify as having an entrepreneurial spirit about life whether in business or not (yet).

All Workshops are $47 – Book online. For more information visit

SELF CONNECTION WORKSHOP – Saturday 29th July 1-5pm

This workshop will support you to explore a deeper relationship with the feelings and needs alive in your current situation (in business and life) and give you experience with the tools of Nonviolent Communication to take home with you to practice self-connection. BOOK HERE

SELF EXPRESSION WORKSHOP – Saturday ​26th August 1-5pm 

This workshop will support you with an experience of authentically expressing your feelings and needs within the model of Nonviolent Communication, giving you new opportunities to express your needs with greater clarity in business and in life. BOOK HERE 

SELF CARE WORKSHOP – Saturday 23rd September  September 23rd 1-5pm

This workshop will support you with an exploration of your feelings and needs (and what’s in the way)when it comes to your self-care.  Combining some appreciation of the 5 Love Languages and the model of Nonviolent Communication we’ll explore ways forward for you in self-nurturing and care. BOOK HERE