Winter Solstice Renewal

Friday 23 June 7.30-9.30pm

Over winter we can become depleted, off balance, and ungrounded. This class offers the deep meditative practice of Yin yoga, where the poses are held for several minutes, allowing the body to relax and restore, creating more mobility and supporting the release of toxins. 

This class will focus specifically on the urinary bladder + kidney line, which when in balance provide us with feelings of hope, calm and peace. 

The meridians, their imbalances + how we can use the seasons + elements will be explored within the class. 

Reiki will be used throughout the class to provide gentle energetic healing and the added modalities of space clearing, sage, essential oils, sound bowls + crystals will deepen the practice even further. 

This class is suitable for both beginners + the more experienced student.

All props are provided. Please wear comfortable clothes, that are easy to move in.

Cost: $50  BOOK HERE

Poppy is an accredited Yoga Teacher + Master Reiki Healer. Lori is a Yoga Teacher and Remedial Massage Therapist. We are both looking forward to an evening of holistic healing

Winter Solstice Evening Ritual

June 21st 7.45-9.45pm

The Winter Solstice heralds the symbolic rebirth of the sun, the lengthening of days and the promise of renewed life. Join with Simone Harding and Annie Holcombe on the night of the Winter solstice for an evening Ritual..supporting the promise of YOUR NEW LIFE. Investment $25




The Art Of Wellbeing

August 5th  10-4pm

A one day workshop of intuitive art, creative expression, self discovery and relaxation. We will create intuitive art together which is a fun way of bypassing the mind and allows a deeper part of ourselves to be heard and expressed through colour and form. When we are still enough to listen to that voice within we can discover the beauty that is our own unique self…….and we can bring that beauty, peace and wellbeing into our daily lives. There is no need for artistic experience, just a curiosity to meet yourself more deeply and delight in what is created through you, by you. With Kari Hall  Investment$150