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About Us

Are you ready for the Revolution

How connected do really feel to yourself, your family, your friends and life in general? Are you feeling the effects of a lifetime of stress? Do you feel pressured to be someone other than yourself? Are you stuck in habits and behaviours that don’t serve you well? Welcome to Grace Revolution, we are here for you, we have created an incredibly beautiful and safe space to unwind, let go and just be …

Beacause it’s time to gracefully embrace who you really are.


Explore yoga and meditation as a revolutionary catalyst for personal change and growth. Yoga that is free from competition, dogma and unrealistic and age-inappropriate expectations.

Join the Revolution

Grace Revolution has a team of highly trained professionals to guide you in the discovery of yoga and meditation that recognises and honours your individual needs and capacities and focuses more on experiencing rather than accomplishing. The architect designed, purpose built Collingwood studio, close to public transport, is a delight.

Wellbeing services are available; yoga therapy, massage, reflexology, Certified Pure therapeutic grade essential oils  as well as workshops and retreats.

Join the Revolution as a member for unlimited classes, advice, community and discounts on wellbeing services, or book in for a 10-class pass, or even just a casual class.

We also offer Grace Yoga step 1 and 2 and meditation courses, helping you form a really solid foundation from which to further explore Yoga, Mediation and Wellbeing




Women’s Healing Yoga

Deeply healing yoga practices combined with conscious intentions, sound, breath and deep relaxation.  A beautifully balanced class addressing the needs of modern women, helping to bring clarity and peace into what can be an all too busy life  The nurturing supportive nature of these classes allow you to re-kindle your inner fire and find your inner peace.  Suitable for all women. Monday during School term 10-11.30am

email Annie annie@gracerevolution.com.au or call the studio for more info – No booking required


Yoga and Meditation for Young Women.

This course will help you with:
On going sports injuries
Learn how to warm up and move effectively
Build your muscle & core strength
Nurture your growing female body
Find time to relax from study and social stress
Connect in a totally non competitive and fun way!
Enquire here -94176602
Tuesday during term 4.30-5.30


Massage – Remedial

Our remedial massage service is designed for people suffering from a specific physical injury or discomfort. This healing technique treats the symptomatic areas of pain, gradually tracing back to the original source, again treating the body holistically. Deep or shallow massage techniques are combined with stretching to repair damaged or immobile muscles and joints. We carry out an assessment of your individual case then determine a treatment plan complete with expected outcomes. we have HICAPS facilities available

Massage – Relaxation, Pregnancy and Aromatherapy

There are few more life-affirming pastimes than a massage designed exclusively for relaxation. Submerge yourself in the tranquil blue waters of this ultimate feel-good treatment, as one of our therapists gently washes away the stress and worry of the everyday. Leave your appointment feeling invigorated and calm, ready to take on whatever comes next.

BOOK ONLINE HERE or call 9417 6602

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

Our ethically sourced certified pure therapeutic grade  essential oils and blends represents the finest aromatic extracts available in the world today. Each oil provides the living essence of its source, gently distilled from plants that are nurtured and carefully harvested throughout the world. Each oil is subjected to strict standards of purity and potency as well as a battery of thorough testing. A beautiful palate of botanical energies, they can be used individually or blended for personalised essential oil therapies.

At Grace Revolution we offer these oils in our massage rooms, we infuse them in our beautiful healing space, we run specialised Yoga classes for mood management as well as general information evenings and workshops so you can harness the power of the plant, and replace many of the toxic substances in your home (first aid kit, bathroom, kitchen and laundry) with these amazing life giving oils.  

Bookings 9417 6602

Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy combines ancient yoga principles with modern medicine to treat a variety of health issues and chronic injuries. One-on-one sessions are available to those suffering from stress, anxiety, hormonal imbalances, joint or muscle pain, fatigue, insomnia, low self-esteem, the list goes on.

Our qualified yoga therapists take a holistic approach to health and wellbeing, which means there’s a focus on the person as a whole instead of one particular condition. We believe that the cause of a health problem can be any number of factors, which is why our treatments aim to align all areas of the body and mind.

A combination of yoga postures (asana), breathing technique and awareness (pranayama), therapeutic touch, relaxation, meditation, life guidance and dietary advice may be used to assist you on your road to wellness.

Bookings 9417 6602


Kinesiology is a holistic mind-body medicine used to balance energy and systems within your body. Kinesiologists will use muscle testing to access, identify and correct these imbalances, using kinesiology techniques and Chinese  medicine wisdom.

Kinesiology can enhance, assists and elevate many areas of your well being.

  • Elimination stress
  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety, Depression
  • Learning difficulties
  • Goal development and achievement
  • Personal development and awareness
  • Release fears and past traumas
  • Reduce food sensitivities
  • Balance most physical, emotional and structural pain
  • Develop clarity of thought and decision making

Each and every kinesiology balance is specifically tailored to each client, because we all have unique stressors and triggers. The Kinesiologist facilitates the client into a place of awareness and help unlock your healing potential.

Anna Clements is available Wednesday’s by appointment BOOK HERE or call 0449 895 981

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Acupuncture is a natural way to restore health, treating underlying causes (as well as symptoms), for longer-lasting improvements. It may be used alone or integrated with other therapies.

Techniques include: Acupuncture (needle free available), Herbal Medicine, Acupressure, Laser Therapy, Tuina Massage, Diet & Lifestyle Advice.

Acupuncture successfully treats many conditions such as:

  • Depression / Anxiety
  • Addiction / Smoking
  • Sleep disorders
  • Pain anywhere in the body – headaches, sports injuries, whiplash, sciatica, arthritis, tinnitus
  • Digestive – indigestion, bloating, IBS, constipation, weight control
  • Gynaecological – Menstrual issues, infertility (both male & female), IVF Support, scientifically proven to improve results by over 60%), pregnancy, birth preparation, menopause, PCOS, endometriosis
  • Skin Issues – eczema, psoriasis, acne
  • Seasonal disorders – colds/flu, hayfever
  • Cardiovascular – high/low blood pressure, poor circulation

Sonia is available on Thursday’s by appointment BOOK HERE or call 0438 948 155


Things you need to know

Grace Yoga Classes

Classes run according to school terms with holiday schedules.

Cancellation of classes must be made 3 hours before class otherwise no replacement class will be allowed.

Casual Class Passes

One-class pass $25

Ten-class pass $200. A ten-class pass expires in 90 days from the activation date of the pass. The pass is non-refundable and can’t be extended but it can be transferred to another person if you send us an email to let us know. Pausing of this pass is at the discretion of Grace Revolution.


Ten  week Meditation and Yoga Courses – $200 –



All Memberships include:

  • unlimited yoga classes
  • 10% discount on wellbeing services
  • one personalised one-on-one session
  • selected workshops
  • passes for 2 guests per quarter

Weekly direct debit $36

6 months $795

12 months $1498

Memberships can be suspended for up to 8 weeks per year, with a minimum of 7 days. A membership can be suspended as needed and there is no long-term commitment after the first 8 weeks. We require 7 days notification for suspension and cancellation.

Memberships do not cover guest workshops.

One-on-one sessions (massage, yoga therapy)

One 60 minute massage session $100, 5 sessions pass $470

One 60 minute yoga therapy session $100, 5 sessions pass $470

We have HICAPS facilities so you can claim your remedial session with your private healthcare provider. See T&C for the list of who we’re registered with.

If you arrive late to your session your treatment time may not be extended.

24 hours notice is required if you need to cancel your session to avoid a late cancellation fee

> view full terms and conditions

Other general information

Activation date is from your first class.

Concessions are available on request. Contact us or drop into the studio, as we’ll need to see a card.


Your visit

  1. Before you start your first class we need you to fill in a registration form. These are available at the reception desk or print one from link below and bring it with you.

  2. Always tell us about any injuries, illnesses or issues you may be experiencing. The more we know about you, the better able we are to accommodate your needs.

  3. Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely. Layers are useful as your temperature will change during the class. Also, don’t remove all your clothes even if you’re feeling good. Tops and pants stay on!

  4. Limit what you eat before your class. A light snack’s ok, but leave at least two hours after a big meal before your class. Digesting uses a lot of energy, and full tummies can make you feel tired. Even before relaxation and meditation classes it’s best not to be full of food.

  5. Drink water before your class, drink water after your class, generally drink lots of clean fresh water. Feel free to bring a water bottle.

  6. Arrive at least 10 minutes early. Then you can check in, turn off your phone, find your space in the yoga room, lie down and let go. Please be mindful of others when in the shared yoga space.

  7. Leave your shoes in the shoes area but you can bring your bag into the yoga room. Make sure your phone is OFF.

  8. We provide the mats and props you need during class but you can bring your own mat if you want to.

  9. If you’ve never done yoga before or don’t have much experience consider a Grace Essentials or Freedom class to start.



Level 1/462 Smith St
Collingwood 3066
Tel 9417 6602


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Smith St – Number 86, Stop 21


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Out the front

2hr ticketed between 9-5

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2hr ticketed between 9-4
but clearway from 4-6

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Emma St (Smith St side) and Alexandra Pde
2hr not ticketed Mater and Hotham Sts.
(starts a block back from Smith St.) Westgarth
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4 hr not ticketed Cecil St (enter from Gore)

Bike rack

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